Our business: to assist management in fostering/realizing its ambitions for the company through capital structuring

The Silver Company is an advisory firm created by Stéphane Argyropoulos whose multiple expertise gives management an unparalleled quality of advice.

Mid-Cap Private Equity

• Financial engineering
• in depth knowledge of the players (teams, sponsors…)
• investment philosophy and incentive scheme mechanism
• financial schemes mastery

«I worked with 3i for over 4 years in the early making of Private equity in France»

M & A

• in-depth knowledge of buy-side strategies and sell-side auction processes
• Competitive constraints on management project realization
• Key success factors
• strategy implementation and seamless execution

«more than 8 years with KPMG Corporate Finance and 6 years in charge of Credit Suisse Mid-Cap M&A»

Private banking

• holistic wealth approach
• Individual and collective long term prospective
• New private investors access

«Since 2006, Credit Suisse Mid-Cap M&A has developed full fledged interactions with the Private Bank»

Management teams remain our only customers in the long run.

Our areas of expertise
• Primary LBO
• Secondary LBO
• Build up
• Restructuring,
• Trade Sale