So many people, so little time.


Your company’s shareholding evolves

How to structure and submit an offer? Depending on the context, solutions will vary.

  • sale of the whole company
  • partial disposal: diversification strategy and/or refocusing of certain shareholders
  • shareholders’ generation transition


or the shareholding structure no longer meets the requirements of the company’s projects

  • restrictive internal strategy: wealth management (family groups), non-core subsidiary (industry groups), risk aversion t larger projects/change, …
  • Limited allocation of financial resources (acquisitions, investments, new projects…)
  • inadequate Governance in a fast changing environment
  • short term financial horizon vs long term projects
  • need for recapitalization in a downturn

and you want to give your company the necessary resources to unveil its full potential while financially involving the management to the company’s success.

Should the management undertake an auction process or be at the helm of a new equity proposal, it is primarily driven by the company and its shareholders’ interest. Therefore, it will have to deal with the following constraints:

  • TIME: Little time to devote to your project vs day-to-day management, process additional workload…
  • LOYALTY: A potential misalignment on your project between you and your shareholders…
  • FINANCIAL resources: the management might not have the financial resources necessary for the transaction…


  • Price
  • Profitability / risk
  • Cash flow
  • Exit timing

Financial advisor
Negotiates the transaction on the purchaser’s behalf

Represent the purchaser

Strategy consultants / accountants
Analyse the company’s figure and its environment

Finance the transaction in a binding framework (covenants)


  • Company project
  • Human and financial resources
  • Leadership and execution

The Silver Company assists you, advises you and negotiates on your behalf with all the participants of the transaction.


  • price optimization
  • transaction speed
  • sustainability

Financial advisor
Organizes the transaction in the shareholders’ interest

Represent the shareholder

Present the company history and its evolution